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Connecting brands with consumers through advertising campaigns using rich media and technology. During my internship I did some beautiful website with my web director for importants clients of the agency. One of the most important things in the digital media is to build communications strategies for everyone and enywhere. All strategies are specific and depends what the client needs. All supports are used, all places, to communicate with the wolrd.

Multi support communication works using new technologies of web and mobile in more the responsive for a better user's experience.

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As a junior Web Developer, now I have a deeper knowledge of web development, layout and coding system. I am be able to manipulate front end and kind of back end. Also I am be able to break down the different components of a responsive web page and I can give input on aesthetic of laying out digital elements.

Here are some beautiful projects I have worked :

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During my internhsip at DeepSleep Studio I have learned lot of web development tricks. I'm be able to work faster, better and cleaner on web project.

I developed serious skills in CSS, SCSS, some of PHP for WordPress included the plugins ACF "Advanced Custom Field", "Contact form 7", Stellar.js, viewport.js and lot of things. I have worked with specific softwares like Tower, BitBucket, CodeKit, GitHub for collaborative work. More, my english language is improved.

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showoff lifestyle


palms trees, ocean and sun

Go to the map and discover my places. Explore South Beach and Miami Beach through beautiful views.

One of the most beautiful things in Miami Beach is its Art Deco Style, its facades and hotels. The architecture is very different and it looks awesome with the environment of the city. Sun, ocean, palm trees, everything is here to enjoy the life and take care.

When you live in one of the most important tourist city in the world you see some things that a tourist can’t. Live in SoBe is very special, attractive, cool and healthy but there are some bad sides.


What about me

Art Deco Style

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